The Story of Ultimate House Records

The Story of Ultimate House Records

In the year 2013 it was time that we celebrated the 10th anniversary and we are proud to be still here in the business. The right way to look back on this long time is to review and tell you the whole story, with all the important things that happened the last ten years, all that what made we are today.

Chapter I (2003 -2005)
The idea and dream of creating and releasing his own, and the music of other young talent producers, was the main point for founding that all here. This all happened in August 2003 – okay, not really all cause the idea was born already one year before, but in August, exactly the 1st, a 19year old dreamer and lover of electronic music (better known as Steven Liquid) used this day to realize his idea and founded “Ultimate House Records”. It was a sunny warm summer day in western Germany, exactly the city of Stolberg, where this all happened. But it happened not in the right way because Steven first visited the wrong authority in the morning – maybe he dreamed a bit too much. Some hours later he managed it to the right room in the right authority and filled up the right form and answered the bewildered questions (“What is your business? Distribute music?”).……..and the day ends with a lot of music, fun and drinks!

But why was it named “Ultimate House Records”? This question is asked often because the music that was released here is not real house music every time. This is the point where we can tell you again that he was only 19, dreaming and some kind of primitive. At this time “House” was the preamble for all that electronic music, the categorized of sub genres was unfamiliar and so he named it “Ultimate House Records”. Well, Stolberg was not some kind of area with a real club culture and enlightened “party” people, this is one more reason for the preamble “House”. However it was, it would be changed some month later when Steven reared the first gig called “Gentlemen House Night” at the fresh opened first Cocktail Bar of Stolberg, the “Gentlemen`s”, and this becomes fast to an monthly unit until the bar closed. (Maybe they are still searching for Mr. Markovic and all the money he toke with……)

At the beginning of the year 2004 Steven got to know Andrew Fields by being active in a leading music community. Starting with some remixes for each other they fast met and noticed that they are on the same notion for producing together and some weeks later Andrew started to work with Steven on his passion for the “Label”. They both built up the economy and structure, looked for the right young producers, and tried to get in contact with the right people of the scene – and the last point was not so easy at this time because the music scene went up to commercialize his soul, specially what was known this time as trance (yes, we learned the difference of genres!).

In this year we also met each other for the first time. Our private “Label Meeting” was one of our foundation values to keep it personally, to be close to the artists and producers like in a big family – and that is till today one of our features that takes us off from the others. Maybe you like to read something about this meeting here, but what should we write at this point? Maybe that Andrew drunk a full five liter beer barrel (he tried!!!)? Maybe that it was a great barbeque? Or that we later …… okay, back to another important things we need to say.

In the year 2004 we also came back to organize a new events outside of our based city Stolberg. Andrew and Steven realized the first event in Andrews home town Bremerhaven, all then associated Deejays of us played there for a full crowd filled club.

But it all really started in 2005 that was the year with the big step so far. On this time we only released our music in music communities in the world wide web so far and only promoted it, but for the first time some at this time not so much than today known Deejay, we are speaking of “Roger Shah”, supported our tracks on radio Sunshine Live. That was a big step to make us known more and we are very happy and thankful what Roger had done with supporting our music for us.

And finally some days after Steven Liquid played under the sun in the area of Kazantip first time in Ukraine we released on august 1st, exactly two years later after foundation, our first release “Loquai – Loquid E.P.”

Chapter II (2005-2007)
After the first two years where we done the experience of learning, our first release “Loquai – Loquai E.P.” was released exactly on august 1st. Such proud on the first 4 tracks in it, the next releases followed and they did it with being supported by Roger Shah in the Mellomania Radioshow on Radio Sunshine Live. And after the first airplay supports finally the first track “The longest way” by Steven Liquid made it onto a real CD Compilation. Yes, we did it, and what an amazing feeling for us. This happened in February 2006 and it should be the beginning of our spring and the beginning of a great year 2006.
For the project “Cloudsurfers” Steven Liquid made a first time collaboration with Danish rising talent Daniel Neumann and their first creation was the till today top track “Cloudless Sky”. The first version of this track was rejected by some other important labels in this time, so Steven finally put this catchy Guitar melody on it and that made the special feeling what therefore wasn`t in. Supported by Roger Shah, Pedro del Mar, many more and finally by Judge Jules on BBC1 – it was amazing for us this time to get such an support as new independent German label with this kind of sounding. Later that year, in September, we decided to refine this track with its remixes into the black gold – Yes, we are talking here about our 12” Vinyl that we ever released. And if you are thinking that it is an amazing feeling to hear your track being played and supported you never had the feeling of setting the needle on your own 12” before. That is really amazing!

Also in September we founded our first sub-label “Time Fusion” to split of the genres and being not so much confused with our label name and the style we sometimes released in this time. From this point all the uplifting and faster Trance tracks was released on “Time Fusion”, the slower Progressive and Balearic tunes remained on “Ultimate House Records”. Also in this period Steven Liquid made it second time on the Mellomania CD Compilation with his track “Autumn Sun”. Later in the early spring of 2007 he made it the third time with his Balearic House project work “Coloured Reef”.

What happened also in this period? From a former further collaboration between Steven Liquid and Andrew Fields in spring 2006 the project “Desert Road” was build up. It was planned just a song, but the new style appealed both good and thus became another studio day used to produce the second song. Provided, however, this time is not purely instrumental, but with singing it, the song “Catching The Sun” was born. Then there followed another vocal song with the vocalist Miriam before the roads diverged.

Steven Liquid and Kira B.M.J. worked together and produced under their alias “Sunny Island freaks” the track “Arctic Sunrise”. Loquai released four more tracks in this time starting to build up a fan-base of his unique style. Steven Liquid and Andrew Fields remade the voice of American Vocalist “Cami” and build up new version of the song “Come my way” and they also founded their project Way/two/Side cause both didn`t like to feature each other for every working together. As former Trance project started, they created some tracks under this alias otherwise featuring each other again the last years. But Way/two/Side is not the sound like they normal create because it is like every project to create something different with always a part of your own. So Andrew and Steven venture to tackle something from time to time. This means that with every new track there is a new unknown sound adventure which they both sometimes hadn`t expected before.

Chapter III (2007-2009)
After four exiting years it was the right time to begin a new chapter in our event history. If you read the last articles, you will know that we arranged from time to time parties and events, but we did not expand it to regularity in time and location. This was one thing we worked for to change in the past and finally the ingredients came together. The music club ‘New Water’ would be the location for our upcoming events for some years from this time, starting our first Time Fusion based event series ‘FEEL TRANCE’ in august 2007. To establish a real Trance party was not so easy this time because we are talking here about a time where Trance was called dead in Germany. There was only a few people, producers and labels who kept up the scene and it`s music alive and we decided to this same and gave our best to contribute a part to it. Well, the first parties was not really blessed with success, but we did not gave up and hold on for over two years – but later more to this. This time there was with the both Mellomia boys Roger Shah and Pedro del Mar two more who worked hard for the Trance scene in Germany and we decided to bring them to our event in Aachen. Yes, really Aachen, we managed to establish a Trance event in this not really big city while in the bigger once like Cologne and Düsseldorf here around where nothing for this genre in this time – call us the ‘pioneering workers’.
The autumn of 2007 started with the change of the site on our office and studio, moving from Stolberg to Wegberg. This meant to extend the surface a lot, having more space to create new song ideas together while being in the same room without getting too close. In this time we made it once again onto the Mellomania Compilation, our new signed producer from Scotland, Kevin Bone, got the support on his track ‘Loft’.

In early 2008 we signed so new interesting talents from Spain and one of them, Dj Face B & Lucan, hit the playlist and the compilation of Mellomania with their track ‘African Soul’ – till today an amazing work in tribal house (featured on Gold Selection II) – but this was the last track till today featured there cause the Mellomania format changed a bit later as Roger started with his own Magic Island. The same time Steven Liquid created his Tech-Trance bumping Hymn ‘Lost In Deep Forest’, reviewed and featured by Trackitdown the released work reached more than expected and was selected for anniversary edition 6000 of the worldwide known CD Series Trancemaster. This track is also till today one of the most listened tracks on Time Fusion. Later this spring Steven also played first time in the Czech Republic, Prague was the place where he spun the records for an amazing crowd.
Our aforementioned event becomes uniform admissions this time and we had some really amazing nights there. Not every of them where amazing, but the most was great enough to remind. We used it also as basis for our newcomers to present and promote their self, so nearly all of artists who spin the records too played there this time. And we also discovered new artists, deejays and producers there, like Final Fade. He first came around there to the parties as guest and after some talk (with good drinks) we gave him the chance to play there later that year.
In summer that year we signed and released the first tracks of very talent sounding producer from Italy to pave him to way to the scene and this one would become a big name in the following years. It was Gai Barone who started his musical career here on Ultimate House Records with his tracks ‘Mononuclueo’ and ‘Agatha’ and we are proud that he made his first steps here.

With Talla 2xlc we brought another hero and legend of the trance scene through Aachen in autumn 2008 and it was one of this amazing nights, maybe we can call this night also legendary. In this night Final Fade played first time on our events and set the starting point for a future working together with Steven Liquid. (more about this in Chapter IV +V)
More another facts you need to know about this time: In February 2009 Steven Liquid made into the rotation playlist of Radio Sunshine Live with his track ‘Nevada’ that was first time released on our second founded and later closed sub-label ‘Nifty8’. The on Time Fusion released trance track ‘Identified’ made in onto the Trancemaster Series.
After more than a year off, Kira B.M.J. rose in the project of Desert Road as a vocalist. The first common song was “Airport Story”, a song written about the wanderlust. To date, this is the most successful summer song of the trio which was featured on Beatport this time.

A lot of our released tracks got support from Dj’s and Radio Stations worldwide, stores like Beatport or iTunes featured some of our releases and we saw us on the right way to take part a good place in the music business and scene. Generally seemed, how it worked and gone on in that time, to be one of the best years since founded. But in that time a lot changed in the music scene and we had to react and change to keep alive in the growing pond.

Chapter IV (2009-2011)
The second half of the year 2009 brought a lot of changes. After over two successful years of our event series FEEL TRANCE we finally close the party down with a last big night together with Talla 2XLC. From this point it was continued by our former manager of event Marcel for some time before it finally closed completely in 2010. But Talla 2xlc and Steven came together again on more time later in March 2010 when Steven visit Frankfurt to play in the legendary Technoclub. Some month later Steven Liquid and Final Fade started together with a new realigned party in the music club New Water, “Schall & Rauch” was more based is different electronic genres than I focusing only on the genre of Trance. We held on two great nights, latest the final farewell of Final Fade before he moved to Munich, the New Water closed and we set the activities in parties and events down completely at the end of 2010.

Another significant changing started in the music business this time with more upcoming labels. The pool was filled this time with a lot music, but not even quality enters that all than more quantity pushed out of the most. With all emerging Labels and artists it was difficult to stay in front and get recognized. So we set down our activities in signing and releasing focused to save the quality on our label. One of the changes in alignment was to start a new compiled series with ‘Sunset Cruising’ in the genre of chillout and ambient. With 12 songs to relax the first edition started.

So what happened this time on the music side? Steven Liquid and Final Fade collaborated together into a new project work called “The Liquid Fade Brothers” creating some new House music. We signed the princess of progressive house and techno music right from the club culture of Moscow. Elfa was already known in the club scene of the Russian capital and parts of Ukraine, so it was the right time to present this beautiful charming woman and talented female DJ here with her music is Western Europe. With Triade, Andrey Bogdanov, Sovt, Vokanoya and (Kilu) Xoren we signed and released more music made in the east of Europe, a lot of upcoming producers of the east streamed this time to the European music scene generally. Andrew Fields teamed up with the same vocalist than Several Dub`s “Way to my heart” in his track “You want me”, a wistful and contemplative Electro-inspired once with floating pads and melancholic vocals. After the starting of Gai Barone we signed with Ground Zero Vibes and Clear2Fade two more artists and producers from Italy. Both appeared with their unique style on their first releases, the relaxed “Moonlight” is one of the most listened tracks till today. One of the most innovative DJ in Columbia, Juan Camilo Garrido, signed his complete debut album to us, captivated the attention of many people with its urban and melodic sound. But while new tracks and artists where signed, other leaved us to create new ways. The man of the first hours, Loquai, went off to other labels this time after releasing his last E.P. and remix of Uform`s ‘Deep Blue’. The best tracks of this episode are selected and compiled together again on our Gold Selection series for sure again.

Chapter V (2011-2013)
The last two years episode started with founding two new sub labels, “Ultimate Digital” as new main brand for the homepage appearance and compiled, chilled and experienced works. As second “Klangquadrate” made for all those minimalistic and techno beat sound lovers, for those who love it around 125 BPM, for those who like it a little bit smoothing spacey to chill, but with the little bit inside to dance. Stay tuned for the future releases we are sure that we will surprise you with them.
New brands, new artists! Gripekoven, Chris Wegberg and Jan Jansen from Germany, Noetic Nega from Greece appeared on Klangquadrate so far, while Ultimate Digital featured the relaxed sound of Kira B.M.J. and set the new compiled series “Relaxing Beats” with a lot of smooth versions and tracks as follow up series of the former “Sunset Cruising”.
Ultimate House Records signed for the first time a young producer from northern Africa with Algerian Amine Ould Saada alias Mino Safy.“Colours City” – Lightness of a summer sounding track with his forceful groove and simply pleasant melody. Like always giving the newbie a chance for breaking out the music scene, Skyles was the next once from Germany who appears here to grow up. Floating truth a deep dimension of trance and electro house based beats was how we could describe about this outstanding tune Lightning & Grumble. The Belarusian project Janeiro teamed up with Ukrainian producer Sovt to create an easy grooving summer touched tune, right for when the last days of summer are still here and before the closing of the island starts. In spring 2012 we started with another fresh remix edition of Andrew Fields „ You want me“. Difference of sound was a new unexpected way of presenting this track, something to wonder what could sometimes be possible. Several Dub presented the new deep driving track “Long Below NY” after some kind of break, that track was for all the lovers of the real good old Progressive House music and style made. Also after a long time Cercano stroke back with a new huge track, lightness inside with a summer based sound and groove, this song is perfect to create your last summer days easy and full of joy. And after all this “endings-of-breaks” finally Desert Road came back with a new song where it was clear to hear that the sound has changed significantly – and also the “Balearic Sid Project” of Steven Liquid, better known as “Cullera” first with an four tracker E.P., later in june with a track that underscored the feeling of warm sunset in a lazy summer night, the breeze on the beach in a gentle sunrise or everything else that is what the sunny days are – just pure joy of live.
After a break of 3 years our former Event series FEEL TRANCE was reborn by Marcel aka Mike Aurel at the new location of New Water in Aachen with the 35th edition in last june, the rebirth party hold on also a fantastic trance set of Steven Liquid, just bringing Steven back to trance.
After that 10 years we will write and continue the story, the 6th chapter will start next Friday on august 2nd with our Anniversary Night and Event at the location of Brösel, and this night will also be continued that what we ever hold on – to be close to the artist, to be on family! Like or slogan “Don´t copy someone, make your own style”