Aadagio ft. ANYA – Elements
28 Jul 2017 | Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance

Trancergy Lounge #2 (A New Chillout Session)

Trancergy Lounge #2 (A New Chillout Session)
Chillout, Downtrance
Release date
12 December 2015
Trancergy Lounge #2 (A New Chillout Session)
12 December 2015 | Chillout, Downtrance

The second Lounge Edition of Trancergy feature again Trance Sounds in a relaxing and smooth mode, the mode without the fast beat and bass, it focus on the Atmosphere of Trance to sit and slow down. Within exclusive produced chill-out and ambient mixes of Way/two/Side, Cloudsurfers and Chillout Remixes by Steven Liquid this edition is filled full with new mixed stuff from known Trance sounds. The perfect Sound to chill out from Trance into Trance, keep staying relaxed into saturday night while it`s sunday.