Steven Liquid – A calm moment

Steven Liquid – A calm moment

Steven Liquid – A calm moment
Downtempo, Chillout
Release date
14 February 2014
Steven Liquid
Steven Liquid – A calm moment
14 February 2014 | Downtempo, Chillout

The third album by Steven Liquid – Everything sounds new yet, but it sounds familiar too because Steven has developed his music without losing his own style and sound. The 14 Tracks inside are a musical journey through down-tempo breaking beats and relaxed soothing atmospheres with soft melodies and harmonies. An completely new experience is waiting for the listener.

Steven said about: „I am particularly proud of this album – Okay, this probably should sound as a kind of standard statement of each artist said about his new album – But I do not say this just therefore, I mean it as I say it! This album not only sounds different as the two albums before, it also was made even over a period as I have changed and developed me personally. I thought this fact merge a little more the music and its creation as with the earlier songs.“

Furthermore, he said about the album: „In ‚A Calm Moment‘ I want to take you on a musical journey – a journey that will bring you out from your everyday life for a period of just over an hour and it hopefully gives you joy. Some of the songs came through my little personal time out from everyday life until, inspired by quiet and relaxing moments in which just enter ‚Come and Calm Down‘. I think that many of you yearn for just these moments in a rapidly evolving world – I hope that I can give you with this album the perfect soundtrack to your personal Afterwork , Chill Out , or whatever kind of moment in your life.“