Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass
Trance, Progressive Trance
Release date
03 February 2017
Heart of Glass
03 February 2017 | Trance, Progressive Trance

The Schwerin DJ & Producer Aadagio returns to Time Fusion with his new single HEART OF GLASS (ft. Nathan Brumley) – and with this song he offers further proof of why he is one of the pioneers in the field of progressive trance Style having created his own distinctive sound. Since his latest track, he makes no exception, which relies on the vocals of American singer Nathan Brumley.

The remixes of Extravagance SL and Pattraxx added to the package. Thus, everyone in the Trancefamily will find the right sound on the release, while Aadagio’s original is in the Progressive Trance section, Phil & Marcus of Extravagance SL have made the track suitable for the DJ’s club and offer the somewhat hardy progressives with their remix beats. And Pattraxx? He does not disappoint his fans and offers his usual trance style with a touch of “old school”.