10 Years (20 Trance Essentials)

10 Years (20 Trance Essentials)

10 Years (20 Trance Essentials)
Trance, Progressive Trance
Release date
06 January 2017
10 Years (20 Trance Essentials)
06 January 2017 | Trance, Progressive Trance

In addition to all the great new releases this year, let’s not forget the songs from the last 10 years, there were real trance grenades!

We put a selection of the best tracks on a compilation that throws a musical review of the last few years. Trance fans should get their money’s worth on this compilation, whether it’s Progressive Trance sounds from JayB, John Aidan or Kostya Veter, melodic uplifting sounds from SoundLift or Charlie Walker, or simply trance sounds of the original kind – these 20 songs offer a variety of entertainment!