Stonehedge (UK)
Years active
since 2007

Formed in Spring 2007, Sunphase is the latest musical project from UK based producer Graham Henstridge. Graham had become interested in music at a young age, thanks to a guitar-playing father, and eventually became one of the many want-to-be Heavy Metal guitarists of the 1980’s listening to bands such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Metallica and playing in the stereotypical school rock bands.Parallel to this was an increasing interest in computers and naturally he started to experiment and develop a taste for synthesised music. He found himself drawn to bands such as Rush and Marrilion with their fat moog basslines and progressive sound.
During the early 90’s Graham discovered the UK dance music scene through dance/rock bands The Prodigy and Apollo 440 along with Orbital and FSOL. Eventually he formed a guitar-based 3-peice techno/trance act “Hyperhythm Era” in 1996. After they disbanded Graham and singer Rae Stevens formed a Delerium-esqu band “Lebonera” in 1998. During this time he also became heavily involved in promoting music events but by 2003 was burnt-out and entered a self-imposed musical exile.
By early 2007 after a number of personal tradgedies and having done nothing of note musically for almost 4 years, Graham was ready to give up on his music until good friend, DJ and Producer Paul Rayner convinced him to give it once more chance. Ironically, Graham’s favourite genre of music was Trance having discovered artists like Juno Reactor, MWNN, BT and DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and Tiesto. Paul suggested he have a go at a Trance track. So he did and the track “Sunphase” was written two weeks later. The flood gates had now opened and “Heaven’s Mirror” was written soon after and Graham hasn’t looked back since! Now he is looking forward to further defining his Trance sound with Sunphase.