Kira B.M.J.

Kira B.M.J.

Kira B.M.J.
Wegberg (Germany)
Chillout, Downtempo
Years active
since 2006

Pianist, composer and singer, first based on pop and classical music, came into contact in 2006 with the production of electronic music. Kira composed melodies for some trance tracks, worked as creatives in the background on productions and finally started to realize her own sound ideas. In the area of chillout and ambient she found her musical home.
In her first solo album, „Stories, Thoughts, Surroundings,“ she made a wonderful journey through her soundscape, telling stories with her songs, and sharing her thoughts with the listener in her own way, creating music and transmitting emotions.
Likewise, Kira has been active as a lead vocalist on the Desert Road project since spring 2008, giving her own voice to the songs there and showing her versatility in various styles of electronic music.