Desert Road

Desert Road

Desert Road
Wegberg, Bremerhaven
Dance, House, Chillout
Years active
since 2006

From a former further collaboration between Steven Liquid and Andrew Fields in 2006 the project “Desert Road” was build up. It was planned just a song, but the new style appealed both good and thus became another studio day used to produce the second song. Provided, however, this time is not purely instrumental, but with singing it, the song “Catching The Sun” was born. Then there followed another vocal song with the vocalist Miriam before the roads diverged. This meant a stop for the project.
After more than a year off, then Kira rose in the project as a vocalist. The first common song was “Airport Story”, a song written about the wanderlust. To date, this is the most successful summer song of the trio. There are other songs followed it up in 2010 first once another break was inserted. This was because, in addition to the work on each of the individual solo projects, that all three were not quite sure what direction it will go with the musical project.
Now the creative break is finished for some time, and the first new song “Try And Find Out” will be waiting for the Release. You can look forward to a fresh and relaxing sound.