Trance & Progressive
Years active
since 2008

The story about the two producers and their many facets will never been told till the end cause Andrew Fields and Steven Liquid are known musically like to live out and pursue new way to go into unknown territory and discover new styles. With their project “Cercano” the two began already in 2008, but aside for a first song laid.
Three years later with “Dry Sky” a new track that wandered in new ways came and thus read revive the project again. But that’s not enough, because they both discover just with this song their new direction how should “Cercano” take. That is melodic dreamy trance in relaxed groovy beats away from the haunted atmosphere inside. Quiet plains with slightly lounge sounding approaches and with the following song “Sunset Boulevard” they both managed a further relaxed summery song whose lightness easily carries the listener through the sound.